Adower Foldable Panel 100W

Original price was: R2,100.00.Current price is: R1,300.00.

Product Features:
– 100W Max Solar Power
– DC output to recharge a Portable Power Pack
– Light weight with easy carry handle
– Foldable adjustable panel leg to angle and hold solar panel upright

This Foldable Solar Panel is a very thin, lightweight and compact. Use it to recharge multiple USB devices or  Portable Power Pack directly

Great for taking with on a camping trip or anywhere outdoors where power is not guaranteed and you need to recharge devices.

Adventurers going to remote areas can now simply spread out the panel, and easily charge any USB device using either the normal USB ports or the Quick charge port; all directly from the unit.

If used with a Portable Power Pack then you create a solar generator, capable of charging it’s battery and powering your devices (220 VAC or DC) directly from the sun.

Technical Specifications:
– Maximum Power : 100 Watt
– Normal USB Output : 5 VDC / 3A Max
– DC Output : 19.8 VDC / 5.05A Max
– Open Circuit Voltage : 23.77 VDC
– Weight : 4.7 kg