Adower SR-1 (1KW)

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(53 customer reviews)
  • Compact and Light.
  • Plug and Play, wiring-less connection between modules
  • Extendable during lifetime
  • Up to 100% usable energy
  • Can also be connected to the DB or used as a UPS too.


This can power:  Kettle, Coffee Maker, TV, Computer, Lights, Fan and other home appliances including charging your devices and more list is endless! You never have to worry about power! 

Unit comes with 7 Years Warranty. Getting solar panel is optional!


Introducing the Adower  Portable 1000W UPS System – Model SR-1 : Your Ultimate Power Solution for Home, Office, and Camping. This versatile powerhouse is designed to provide reliable power wherever you need it, ensuring you stay connected and productive in any situation. Here’s why the SR-1 1KW UPS System is your essential power companion:

– Lifepo4 Battery
– Rated power 1000W
– Peak Power 2300W
– AC output 220V 50Hz
– DC output 12V10
– Support solar charging – Panel NOT Included
– LCD display
– UPS function

Reliable Power, Anytime, Anywhere:
The SR-1 is your trusted source of power whether you’re at home, in the office, or out camping. It delivers consistent, uninterrupted power to keep your devices running smoothly.

High-Capacity Lifepo4 Battery:
Powered by an 896Wh Lifepo4 battery, this system provides efficient and long-lasting energy storage. You can rely on it to meet your power needs, from charging devices to running appliances.

Versatile Power Output:
With a rated power of 1000W and a peak power of 2300W, the SR-1 is capable of handling a variety of devices and appliances. It offers AC output at 220V/50Hz, USB ports, Type C ports, and DC output at 12V/10A to ensure compatibility with your devices.

Solar Charging Capabilities:
The SR-1 supports solar charging (panel NOT included), allowing you to harness the power of the sun for sustainable energy. Stay eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint with this efficient feature.

LCD Display for Easy Monitoring:
The built-in LCD display allows you to easily monitor the status of your UPS system, including battery level and power output. Stay informed and in control of your power usage.

UPS Functionality for Seamless Transition:
The UPS function ensures that your connected devices experience a seamless transition to battery power during outages, preventing disruptions and data loss.

Elevate your power game with the SR-1  1000W UPS System. Whether you’re dealing with power outages, embarking on a camping adventure, or need backup power for your home or office, this system ensures you’re always in control. Experience the freedom of reliable portable power and stay connected, no matter the circumstances.

53 reviews for Adower SR-1 (1KW)

  1. Abdul

    Thank you for best innovation

  2. Qamar W.

    I use this for my shop and i’m never closing during loadshedding, instead i get more customers, because most shops close during loadshedding!!

  3. Gert J.

    I love the fact that it comes with built-in battery

  4. Johan B.

    No more worries about load shedding!

  5. Anton P

    I usually saw expensive backup systems from other companies online Adower really came through for us, i’m glad i bought this amazing setup from them

  6. Donald F.

    All thanks to my friend who recommended this to me.

  7. Terrance A.

    Real deal i must say, thanks Adower!

  8. Dennis M.

    Brilliant solution for uninterrupted power during load shedding.

  9. Elizna J.

    This SR-1 makes load shedding bearable. No more dark nights!

  10. Sabatha D.

    I love the fact that this operate for a very long time we had power failure in my area and it took several hours for Eskom to come fix but my setup kept me powered!

  11. Sipho M.

    This is a game-changer. I can now work without interruptions!

  12. Nokuthula N.

    No more worrying about power outages.

  13. Isabella L.

    You guys have made load shedding a non-issue for us.

  14. Sibusiso S.

    With Adower, I no longer fear load shedding. This is worth every cent.

  15. Tamara R.

    Our family is delighted with this. It keeps us connected even when the power goes out.

  16. Lisa P.

    Wow this is the best

  17. Phumlani Z.

    Impressed with Adower’s product. Load shedding is no longer a headache for us.

  18. Christopher B.

    I have said my goodbye to load shedding troubles!

  19. Samke M.

    Perfect backup and very cheap

  20. Charl D.

    No more struggling

  21. Lorren H.

    Wonderful system ever

  22. Bongani Z.

    Reliable backup power with the Adower Power. It’s a must-have for everyone.

  23. Maria L.

    My family and I have experienced a seamless transition during power outages, all thanks to Adower.

  24. Lindiwe L.

    I love how efficient and reliable this is. Adower has made our lives easier.

  25. Sindiswa N.

    This is a must have

  26. Alex G

    Delivery took longer than expected just glad they delivered finally, it was worth the wait i must say!

  27. Felix P

    Fast delivery

  28. Nomusa M.

    Thanks to Adower Power, we can now watch TV and work on our computers without interruption. And do more other things too

  29. Jabulani M.

    This station is the ultimate solution for load shedding. Adower Power knows what they’re doing.

  30. Thembinkosi M.

    This is a real game-changer. Adower has exceeded my expectations.

  31. Nokuzola C.

    Thank you

  32. Daniel D.

    Impressed with the SR-1! It’s been a lifesaver during load shedding.

  33. Anelisa M.


  34. Linda L.

    Good one!

  35. Thabo M.

    Definitely a great investment.

  36. Nothile P.

    Thanks to Adower Power, we can now watch TV and work without interruptions during power outages. We even use our appliances as well.

  37. Paul K


  38. Thapelo

    In my area we have no electricity I bought this set and got some extra solar panels i’m so amazed we never have any blackout at all all is just good and my community is jealous yeses!

  39. Elsie V.

    Adower Power unit is a fantastic addition to our home. It keeps us running smoothly during blackouts.

  40. Naledi S.

    The setup has saved me from countless disruptions. Thank you, Adower!

  41. Ivy H

    This has to be one of the best affordable portable power stations

  42. Sarah W.

    I love the peace of mind this product brings during power outages. Thank you, Adower!

  43. Pharoah J.

    Best solution ever saved money i added some panels just to stay away from Eskom

  44. Thandiwe Z.

    I’ve recommended Adower to all my friends. This product is a lifesaver!

  45. Nombeko G.

    They arrived earlier than expected!

  46. William A

    They delivered a bit late just glad they compensated!

  47. Zanele N.

    This is worth every penny. I recommend it to all!

  48. Johan M.

    Highly recommended!

  49. Lungile N.

    I couldn’t be happier with the Adower Power. It’s a real lifesaver!

  50. Lucas S.

    I’m very impressed with the reliability of this product. Adower Power is the best!

  51. Nadia P.

    The Adower Power SR-1 is a must-have for anyone tired of load shedding inconveniences.

  52. Lethabo K.

    Best product!

  53. Andries V.

    The system has made load shedding a breeze. Adower Power is top-notch.

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